The RIAM offers exams in both classical singing and musical theatre and popular music. The grades are combined from Preparatory to Grade two, and the syllabus repertoire offers a wide range of genres, so that students can decide what they prefer to study. The grades separate from Grade 3 upwards into classical singing and musical theatre and popular singing.

The singing syllabus for 2015 – 2018 is available here:

Download Here

In 2012 the RIAM introduced choral singing exams. The choral syllabus is designed to be as flexible as possible. The examination is available to any choral group in second level schools or in the wider community. Community choirs may be youth choirs, adult choirs or a mixture of both as long as all members are at least twelve years on the day of the examination. The syllabus is presented at four grade levels:

  • Bronze: Unison Choirs
  • Silver: Two part choirs
  • Gold: Three and Four part choirs
  • Platinum: Advanced four and more part choral singing

More information can be found on Page 79 of the Singing Syllabus

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