Speech & Drama

The Drama and Speech syllabus for the RIAM Local Centre Examination System is the most comprehensive of its kind and offers a wide choice to students of all age groups. It is full of exciting new pieces that will challenge and enthral.

Our Speech & Drama examinations from Kindergarten to Grade 8 encompass performance in poetry, prose, drama, mime, reading, theory and conversation. For those who wish to take a break from graded examinations, we offer Solo and Duologue Acting exams to further stretch the candidate’s ability and develop technique in performance. Recital Programmes, again another area to enhance the student’s ability in performance skills, have become very popular over the past number of years. We offer Bronze, Silver and Gold Medal Recital Examinations and cater for age groups from 12 years to 18 years. The Senior Certificate is the first time the student is faced with a written and practical examination. Students have the choice of taking both elements at the same session or just choosing one. For many students, the Senior Certificate examination brings the Speech & Drama studies to a close while offering a taste for more intensive work at Diploma level.

For the Primary/Secondary School wishing to participate in Speech & Drama we offer examinations in Choral Verse Speaking, Group Drama, Public Speaking and Oral Communication, the latter being extremely popular with Transition Students all over the country. We, at The Royal Irish Academy recognised the need to cater for students whose first language is not English and we now offer examinations in English as a Second Language to facilitate this educational requirement in the spoken word. We have also introduced Speech and Drama exams as part of our Cara Awards Syllabus.

More details for all our exams are available in our Syllabi:

Drama and speech Syllabus 2015-2018

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