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RIAM Teaching Network Events and Projects 


January 2014- Exploring the RIAM Cara Awards with Hilda Milner

A one-day workshop which guided teachers through the RIAM group exam syllabus, the Cara Awards,  and included participated in musical games and exploring ideas that would help with teaching groups of students.


July 2014- The 1st RIAM Teaching Network Conference

Taking inspiration from academic conferences and the sense of connection that they created, RIAM Teaching Network hosted the first conference for RIAM Local Centre music teachers. The programme included topics to develop their knowledge and to inspire them to consider new ideas and methods in their teaching.

Conference Programme:

Thursday, 3 July 2014

10.00am: Teaching Aural Tests through the Grades with Senior Examiner, Lorna Horan

11.30am: Music Resources & Editions with RIAM Librarian, Philip Shields

12.00pm: Bill Dowdall - Flute and Woodwind

12.00pm: Reamonn Keary - Piano

12.00pm: Anne Woodworth - Singing

12.00pm: Miriam Roycroft - Strings

2.00pm:  Approaching Scales and Sight Reading: Tips for Teaching with Anthony Byrne

4.00pm: Finding the Music You Need with RIAM Librarian, Laoise Doherty

4.30pm: Lecture Recital: Finghin Collins - A Pianist’s Journey

Friday, 4 July 2014

10.00pm: The RIAM Cara Awards with Hilda Milner

11.30pm: Managing your Accounts and Taxes with RIAM Finance Officer, Kevin Kelleher

12.00pm: Leaving and Junior Certificate Music with Kim Fallen Bailey

2.00pm: Music Theatre and Popular Singing with Maureen V. Ward, compiler of the Music Theatre and Popular Singing syllabus

3.00pm: Music Theory and the RIAM Musicianship Exams with Jennifer McCay, Senior Examiner, and Jean Archibald, a member of the RIAM Musicianship Faculty

4.30pm: Reflections and Suggestions -  Q and A with the Senior Examiners

5.00pm: Closing Address: Deborah Kelleher, Director of the RIAM: Towards a National Community of Learning: The Future of the Private Music Teacher in Ireland


December2014/ January 2015: Making the Grade Radio Documentary

A Collaboration with Rockfinch Productions to create a documentary on the Local Centre Exams entitled 'Making the Grade' for RTE Lyric FM. The documentary aired in February 2015 and can be listened to here:!rii=b16%5F10370525%5F2412%5F06%2D02%2D2015%5F


February 2015: Flute Skills: Working with the RIAM Flute Syllabus

In this one day workshop, William Dowdall, the compiler of the RIAM flute syllabus, worked with teachers to explore the repertoire on the syllabus and to address their questions and concerns.


April 2015: Thinking outside the Stave: Developing Aural and Collaborative Music Making in Young Musicians

This workshop, featuring the educator and composer Sarah Watts along with the RIAM's Hilda Milner, provided a series of interactive sessions for piano, instrumental and vocal teachers, especially those working in group and classroom teaching.


June 2015: the 2nd RIAM Teaching Network Conference

Following on from the success of the first year, the conference became an annual event, attracting teachers from around the country.

Conference Programme:

Monday, 29 June 2015

10.00am: Kim Fallen Bailey: Music and Technology - Resources and Apps

11.30am: Eve O’Kelly: Music Generation - Progress and Future Plans

12.00pm:  Anthony Byrne: The Senior Piano Grades

2.00pm: Jonathan Browner: Using the Voice and Group Singing in the Instrumental Lesson.

4.00pm Jonathan Browner Continued


Tuesday, 30 June 2015

10.00am: Hilary Moss (Director of Arts and Health at the National Centre for Arts and

Health) and Rebecca O’Connor (Music Therapist) - Music for Health: Introducing

Music Therapy and the Role of Music in Promoting Health and Well-Being.

11.30am: Viriginia Kerr - The Psychology of Music Teaching and Performance

2.00pm: Réamonn Keary and Gráinne Deery - RIAM Diplomas - the ARIAM and the LRIAM and an Introduction to the DipRIAM.

3.30pm: Q and A with Senior Examiners Jennifer McCay, Lorna Horan and Jenny O’Connor-Madsen.

4.30pm:  Closing Address: Deborah Kelleher - An Expectation of Excellence: Challenges, Possibilities and Future Directions for the Music Teaching Profession in Ireland.

5.00pm: Wine Reception and the Launch the new DipRIAM


February 2016: DipRIAM Information Day

This information day covered all aspects of preparing and applying for the new RIAM teaching diploma, the DipRIAM, which was launched in June 2015. Over the course of the day, Réamonn Keary and Grainne Deery, along with other members of staff, took participants through the structure of the diploma, preparing case studies and the other requirements involved.


March 2015: The Psychology of Music Teaching with Virginia Kerr

After the success and popularity of her session on this topic at the 2nd Teaching Network Conference, Virginia Kerr conducted this one-day interactive workshop on the psychology of music teaching and performing. Drawing from her book, Stage Fright, she explored techniques and practices to help the teacher in their day-to-day teaching.


April 2016: Preparing for Music Theory

The Head of the Musicianship faculty, Marie Moran, along with her colleague Jean Archibald, co-author for the RIAM Music Workout Theory book series, conducted a workshop on preparing for Theory examinations. In particular, it focused on what is required to prepare for the Grade 8 Theory exams, in order to provide teachers with guidance on this level, which made up the theory requirement for the DipRIAM in 2016.


June 2016: 3rd RIAM Teaching and Learning Network Conference

Thursday, 30 June 2016

10.00am: Colma Brioscú - Choosing Reperotire for Recital Certificates and Competitions

11.30am: Brendan Breslin - Working with a School Orchestra / Band

2.00pm: Lorna Horan - The Creation of the RIAM Piano Albums 2017

2.30pm: Majella Boland - The Importance of Musicianship in Music Teaching

3.30pm: Thérèse Fahy - Pour Le Piano: Playing and Teaching the Music of Claude Debussy

Friday, 1 July 2016

10.00am: Conor Linehan - Teaching Contemporary Piano Repertoire

11.30am: Imelda Drumm: Classical Singing - Scales, Vaccaj and Working with the Student's Abilities

2.00pm: Amy Ryan - Teaching Pre-Instrumental Music

4.00pm: Jennifer O'Connor-Madsen - Online Resources for Music Teachers and the Launch of M Theory - Music Theory Videos from the RIAM

4.30pm: Closing Address: Deborah Kelleher


September 2016: Key Skills: Piano Workshops featuring Professor Anthony Byrne and Professor Reamonn Keary

These workshops had been running for several years before this and In 2016 they became a part of the RIAM Teaching and Learning Network series of workshops.

The aim of the workshops each year is to:

  • Help teachers to prepare to teach the music in the annual Piano Albums and the 2015-2018 Piano Syllabus
  • Introduce teaching methods based on the pieces from the upcoming syllabus
  • Present a systematic approach to technical training and practical solutions to common pianistic problems
  • Provide tips on how to develop musicality and expressiveness in students
  • Give advice on the successful execution of scales and arpeggios
  • Advise on Aural Tests and Sight Reading
  • Tips on what to do on the day of the exam


January –April 2017: Lifting the Lid: Exploring the Senior Grades Piano Repertoire

In these afternoon workshops, Thérèse Fahy, Professor of Piano at the Royal Irish Academy of Music, explored the piano syllabus from Grade 6 to Senior Certificate. Thérèse examined challenges of repertoire choice, technique and understanding of style.  In the second half of the workshop, the floor was opened to questions and lively discussion with the audience.


March 2017: Primary Music Ensemble Project in collaboration with the National Concert Hall –Teachers Workshop

The Primary School Ensemble Project, managed by Hilda Milner and in collaboration with the NCH, joined forces with the RIAM Teaching and Learning Network to provide an informative and practical workshop on working with groups in primary school. Focusing on repertoire, class management and school concerts, participants will be guided in how to gain the most from this area.


April 2017: Montessori Guitar, in Collaboration with Music Generation Mayo

The RIAM Teaching and Learning Network and Music Generation Mayo will host a workshop on teaching Montessori guitar. The workshop will be open to all tutors with Music Generation and to all teachers connected with the RIAM Teaching and Learning Network


April 2017: Teaching Pre-Instrumental Music

In this two-day course Amy Ryan, a member of the RIAM Musicianship faculty, guided teachers on preparing to teach pre instrumental.

The course included:

  • An introduction to Pre-Instrumental Music classes: philosophies, benefits and contexts
  • Child Development and Music
  • Skill Development in early years
  • Lesson planning (long and short-term)
  • Building a repertoire of songs, rhymes, games and activities for use in the pre-instrumental class setting


June 2017: The 4th RIAM Teaching and Learning Network Conference

Thinking Outside The Box: The 21st Century Music Teacher's Toolkit

The 4th Annual RIAM Teaching Network Conference will take place on the 29 and 30 June 2017 in the Royal Irish Academy of Music. This year, the conference will focus on new approaches and resources available to teachers and on the importance of working with the needs of each individual student. The closing address will be given, once again, by our Director, Deborah Kelleher, where she will reflect on the conference and the necessary skills of the 21st century music teacher.

Conference Programme:

Thursday, 29 June 2017

10.00am: Jonathan Nangle - Composing with Technology

11.30am: Kathleen Tynan - Staging an Opera

12.30pm: The 2019 RIAM Syllabi: Information session with the Senior Examiners Lorna Horan and Majella Boland

2.00pm: Dabbledoo Music Workshop with Shane McKenna

3.30pm: Ailbhe McDonagh - Creative Composing for Children and Writing for the Local Centre

Friday, 30 June 2017

10.00am: Geraldine McHugh - Barnardos and Child Protection

11.30am: DipRIAM Information Session with Grainne Deery and Reamonn Keary

12.00pm: Reamonn Keary - Pedalling Technique and Preparing Scales

2.00pm: Jessica Harris - Working with Special Needs Students

4.00pm: Closing Address: Deborah Kelleher - Outside The Box: The Modern Teacher's Toolkit



August 2017: Child Protection in association with Barnardos

This workshop in collaboration with Barnardos, provided teachers with training and certification in child protection for music teachers.


September 2017: Keyskills Workshops with Reamonn Keary and Lorna Horan

Thurles, 3rd September: Réamonn Keary

Drogheda, 3rd September: Lorna Horan

Galway, 17 September: Lorna Horan

RIAM, 24 September: Réamonn Keary

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