Lyric FM: RIAM Local Centre Examinations

In 2014, the RIAM local centre staff, along with members of the RIAM faculties, were delighted to participate in a documentary on the RIAM Local Centre Examinations. The programme aired in February 2015 as the Lyric Feature. Over the course of the documentary, there are interviews with the director, Deborah Kelleher, local centre office supervisor, Dorothy McCauley, the seniors examiners, Lorna Horan, Jennifer McCay and Jenny O’Connor-Madsen, the project leader of the Cara Awards Hilda Milner, and several teachers from the RIAM staff along with the past director, John O’Conor.

The documentary is available to listen back to as a Podcast.

The Lyric Feature: Making the Grade – The RIAM Local Centre Examinations

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