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dipriamDipRIAM Handbook (Updated July 2017)

The DipRIAM is a new instrumental/vocal teaching diploma that focuses primarily on the process of teaching and learning and qualifies the successful candidate to teach students up to and including Grade V. The strength of the DipRIAM is the extent to which it acknowledges and values the role of the teacher, as well as the importance of creating an effective teaching and learning environment. By using videos and case studies as part of the basis for assessment, the DipRIAM represents an exciting and innovative approach to achieving a teaching qualification.

The practical demonstration element of the diploma requires candidates to prepare six pieces from the RIAM Grade V syllabus. We believe that there are sufficient technical and musical demands in these pieces to test a candidate's ability to teach up to this level.

Throughout the syllabus much emphasis is placed on cultivating a musical approach to teaching and learning. The syllabus also acknowledges the fact that successful teachers can differ widely in their approach and so it encourages teachers to find and explore the style and methods of teaching most suitable to them. The cycle of planning, reflecting, and evaluating encourages teachers to think about how to approach specific techniques, and how to cultivate musicality in their students.

The syllabus is deliberately tailored around the Local Centre graded exams syllabus. Consequently, many of the online resources provided by the RIAM Teaching and Learning Network will be of direct relevance and assistance to DipRIAM candidates. We recommend that you keep checking back here for supports that will help in the preparation of the case studies, videos, and Grade V pieces.

We are really excited about this new approach to building a qualification and believe that it will be a rewarding, enlightening, and stimulating journey for the pupils, candidates, and examiners. 

Réamonn Keary & Gráinne Deery (Project Leaders)


* The 2017 pre-requisites are effective immediately but candidates may choose to use the 2016 pre-requisites up to and including June 2018.


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