The RIAM Teaching and Learning Network: A Short History

The idea for the RIAM Teaching and Learning network came about in 2013 as a means of connecting the several thousand music teachers that work with the RIAM Local Centre Examination system all over Ireland. It was set up my Jenny O'Connor-Madsen who was project manager from 2013 until February 2018. It began on social media and developed into a website that went live in March 2014. Our aim was to provide a space where teachers could interact with each other, discuss elements of their teaching and share ideas. Since its beginning, the website has helped the RIAM to develop our relationship with teachers. We are delighted that so many of you have engaged with it and that you have shared feedback and suggestions over the past few years.

As part of the RIAM Teaching Network, we have endeavoured to provide opportunities for Continuous Professional Development through our e-Courses, workshops on a range of topics and our annual Teaching Network Conference. These have allowed us to meet teachers face to face and to work with them to provide support for your day-to-day teaching.

In May 2016 the website was rebuilt and the name changed to the RIAM Teaching and Learning Network. The website contains materials and resources for music teachers, parents and students. Our main aim is to bring you more of what you have asked for in the form of videos and written material which support the teaching and learning of music, no matter where you are or what your age.


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