Monday, 10 April 2017 09:05

The Network on YouTube

The RIAM Teaching and Learning Network YouTube channel hit 100,000 views today! We are very excited, mainly because we have only been actively using the channel since our new website launched last June. Not bad for a mere nine months!


The RIAM Teaching and Learning Network YouTube channel supports our website and our social media channels, as a way of providing videos that we hope will make preparing for exams or learning a musical instrument just a little bit easier! We  are particularly delighted to have videos of all the 2017 piano pieces form Elementary to Grade V available on the channel. So if you have not already subscribed to the channel, don't forget to subscribe now, so you never miss a video!

Below is a selection of our favourite videos. Thank you for watching and we hope that you will continue to find the channel useful. And remember, if you have a suggestion for a video you would like to see, just let us know! 


Grade 1 Mock Exam with Lorna Horan
Ode to Joy for the Flute with William Dowdall
The 2017 Piano Albums Playlist
'Jesu, der du meine Seele' BWV 78 by J.S. Bach Playlist
'Caro Mio Ben' by Giordani, performed by Imelda Drumm



Jenny O'Connor-Madsen

Dr Jenny O'Connor-Madsen is a previous senior examiner with RIAM. She completed her degree, masters and PhD in music at NUIMaynooth. She has presented at conferences both nationally and internationally and has published several articles on her research on Women and Music in Ireland.

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