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Exam grace period announced

The RIAM Local Centre Senior Examiners are delighted to announce a grace period for all exams, effective from 2018.

This means that the 2017 Piano Albums will be accepted in the first exam session only in 2018.

When the syllabus changes in 2019, the 2015-2018 syllabus for all instruments will be accepted for the first exam session only in 2019. 

We hope that this change will benefit students and teachers by providing more flexibility. 



What is the RIAM grace period?

The current syllabus will be available for an extra exam session.

Does this apply to all instruments?


Does it apply to all grades?


Is the grace period available every year?

Yes, but only for the first session of the new year.

What does this mean for piano exams?

The junior piano albums (Elementary to Grade V) change each calendar year. The grace period means that the 2017 piano album, for example, can be used for the first session in 2018. The senior piano albums follow the duration of the overall syllabus (2015-2018) and can be used in the first exam session in 2019.

Can I use the 2018 piano album in 2017?

No. 2017 can be carried over to 2018 but 2018 cannot be brought forward to 2017.

Can I combine pieces from the 2017 and 2018 piano albums during the grace period session?

No, you must only work from one syllabus.

If I am using the 2017 book, what fee do I pay?

You must pay the fee that is appropriate to the year in which you are taking the exam, i.e. if you use the Grade V 2017 book in February 2018, you must pay the 2018 fee. 




Laoise Doherty

Laoise Doherty, BA (Mod), MScILS, ALAI, has been Assistant Librarian in the Royal Irish Academy of Music Library since 2004. Prior to this, she worked in a variety of library settings, including school, academic and specialist libraries. Laoise is an Associate of the Library Association of Ireland and served on the Committee of the Academic & Special Libraries Section of the LAI from 2013 to 2017.


  • Comment Link Irene Dunne %PM, %22 %920 %2018 %21:%Sep posted by Irene Dunne

    Hi There,
    When is the new singing syllabus released?
    My students will be entered for the summer 19 exams

  • Comment Link Cliodhna Golden %PM, %31 %595 %2018 %13:%Aug posted by Cliodhna Golden

    Hi there,

    Can I just inquire as to whether the grace period applies for each year, and not just for 2018? I have a student who wants to buy a 2018 piano album, but probably will not do the grade until the first exam session in 2019.

    Kind regards,


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