Aaron Minsky Workshops

In May 2014, the composer and cellist, Aaron Minsky, was in the RIAM for a series of workshops. Over the course of the day he worked with groups of students on improvising and performing.
Minsky has been a pioneer and leader in bringing the cello (and all strings) into acceptance in popular music through composing, performing and  teaching.

He has composed over a dozen books of string music, published by Oxford University Press, all of which have become part of the standard repertoire. His music is on the curriculum of the RIAM, the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) and the American String Teachers’ Association (ASTA).
We caught up with Aaron before the workshops to discuss his piece on the Grade VI RIAM Cello syllabus, The Train Whistle. Aaron Minsky shared his tips for approaching the more difficult aspects of the piece with a member of the RIAM Strings Faculty, Miriam Roycroft. He also treated us to a performance of the piece!

The Train Whistle: Teaching Techniques:

The Train Whistle: Performance:

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